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[Habiba] shows us the growth...that comes about in the disciplined performer from her initiation into this dance form to the widening of spirit that is, and should be, part and parcel of the attainment of excellence within the art.
Ibrahim Farrah, Arabesque Magazine May-June 1984 vol. X, no. 1.

I had never studied with Habiba before and was delighted to find her gracious, friendly, elegant, well spoken, absolutely brimming with both knowledge and talent and a phenomenal teacher as well. Habiba's teaching style is easy to follow, and she is clearly open to questions as well as very able to explain or show you what she meant every step of the way. It's absolutely no wonder to me why she's risen to the very top of the Middle Eastern Dance world. Her dedication to the rich history of this dance form shines through in everything she presents.
Director Anka Kusu

I must tell you once again how much I am enjoying your class. It takes me comepletely away from everything...It's an hour of time just for me.
V. Stonerod

I especially enjoyed the performance at the end of the show. I've just begun to learn about belly dance so I don't know much, but Habiba was awesome!!! Dancers like that make me glad that I have found the art form.

Habiba was a consummate teacher and performer...
J. Porter

Habiba began the night with a beautiful Andalusian Tunisian dance. The music was traditional nouba and the lyrics were classical Arabic poems. While the lineage of this music is still intact, the choreography is an interpretation of this very old dance by the Tunisian National Troupe with whom Habiba studied. The dance is fluid and elegant, and the carriage is dignified and feminine. It is reminiscent of the Spanish sevillanas. This blending of Spanish and North African Cultures gave birth to a third and deeply enriched art form. Habiba also danced later in the program with her own oriental composition in collaboration with Ibrahim Farrah to the music Mashaal. The illusions she created were fluid and breathtaking. Her hands were continually expressive, and these expressions made their way throughout her body with every gesture.
Elizabeth Artemis Mourat Arabesque, v. XXI no. 6, March/April 1996

When Habiba whirled, the gold spangles on her satin costume sparkled in the sun. ...Her audience of three to 15 year olds watched wide-eyed. The dance celebration was part of the University Museum's "Summer Magic" series...Soon the children were moving. They formed a simple circle to dance in a way that "even the smallest child in Egypt knows," Habiba said. She also showed them how to pretend to fill the urns at the river and carry them back to their village on their heads...
Sally Downey, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 1997

Habiba Performs with Jaawahir in Minneapolis
Many of the techniques and styles she shared at the workshop were beautifully incorporated into her evening dance performances In Raks al Juzur she performed the traditional pot dance of the islands of Djerba and Kerkennah. The number was characterized by perfect balance and hips-laterally-not vertically-twisting to the drum beat and showed why Habiba, with her graceful, effortless stamina, is renowned as an expert on Tunisian folkloric style.
D.G. Wnek
Habibi Spring 93, v. 12 no. 2

It was a real joy to have Habiba return to Oasis again this year - by popular demand. Those of you for whom this was their first experience of her teaching now know why!
J. Courter 2009

Habiba appeared last night in our WPH community room to an attentive audience that felt her entire presentation rated "Four Stars." The extent of her knowledge, which had an anthropological base, her slides and her graceful performance were extraordinary. -E. Alloy 2010

You are a gem, and your knowledge is top notch and one-of-a-kind.
G. Capossella 2010

Habiba is my first belly dance teacher and someone I'm truly thankful for, as I'm into my 4th year of belly dance (elsewhere, but I move around a lot) The intro class is great. She's patient, welcoming, and kind?..If you've ever been curious about this form of dance, I recommend Habiba in a heartbeat.
Alexis K. -Review on Yelp

The evening finale was spectacular, as Habiba, in full Tunisian splendor, mesmerized her audience. They were literally sitting on the edge of their seats as her Tunisian choreography unfolded.
Habibi v. 16 #3 1998

I was especially intrigued by the first dance, Habiba's interpretation of the classical dance form created by the Arabs in medieval Spain. Enveloped in a romantic, rose colored cloud of soft fabrics, Habiba moved with a demure, delicate refinement to a lilting pre-fourteenth century song.
Ellen Laincz in Habibi v. 17#1 1997 Dancing Girls a review by Ellen Laincz

...her performance was so skilled and fluid as to give the feeling of watching an instrument in the ensemble-as if sound itself was dancing.
T. Parker Habibi v.19 #2 2002 Simon Shaheen with Qantara

I was one of the very fortunate local dancers who attended your workshop at Studio Artemis this past weekend. Thank you again for coming to us to share your knowledge.
Basane 2006

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for coming to MD this past weekend to teach your Ghawazi workshop at Artemis' studio. It was fantastic! I learned so much in so short a time. Your depth of knowledge and love of the subject was reflected in your heart and soul as you graciously shared that with all of us. I had read some of your articles before but, hearing the history, stories and beautiful music directly from you just brought it all to life. I'm so happy and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to study with you and look forward to attending more workshops in the future.
Shadiyah, 2006

Habiba is such a great teacher and is very accommodating to all. She's really good at making sure everyone performs the moves correctly and will take time to ensure that you don't injure yourself. I took the beginning class with Habiba and learned a lot of basic moves, unfortunately, I got busy and wasn't able to take any more classes with her. Although I would absolutely love to get back into it again!!
Nazee Z. 2013 Yelp review

Habiba is a wonderful teacher. I travel from the suburbs to go to her class once a week, but it's worth the ride.
Paula R. 2011 Yelp review

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