Events for 2017

  • January 5, 2017 - Middle East Restaurant Tribute Night - Franky Bradley's, doors open at 7:30, music and dance 8 PM to 12. Music will starts at about 8-8:30pm. Dance shows by Habiba and Meesha start around 9pm. Musicians will be Roger Mgrdichian (Oud), Dave Hoplamazian (Violin), Chris Marashlian (Bass), Jake Terkanian (Percussion), Joe Tayoun (Percussion) and William Tayoun. The door cost is $10. Full menu will be available upstairs.
  • March 5, 2017 - Annual Habiba Studio Hafla - The studio salutes the magical musical tour of the Middle East taken by Farid El Atrache and Samia Gamal in the 1950 film "Akhir Kedba" ("The Last Lie"). Our trip will take you to Turkey, Egypt, and end up in Tunisia, the Green