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"Kida," a choreography to music of the same name by Dr. Samy Farag, is an lush Egyptian Oriental choreography that works for both solo artists and troupes..

The level is Intermediate and higher. Habiba first teaches it as a solo choreography and then gives instruction on alternate choreography and staging for a troupe of 6.

Habiba employs the same unique teaching method in this DVD as in her acclaimed DVD, Gawaher. Each choreographic segment is divided into three sections: a verbalization of movements, a "walk-through" without the music and, finally, the section is danced with the music.

The music has six rhythmic segments: Opening, malfuf, taqsim, maqsum, drum solo and malfuf, which are further subdivided for ease of learning. The DVD is edited in a way that the student can navigate among the ten choreographic segments with ease for repeating or skipping sections, allowing the dancer(s) to return to the spot where she (they) left off.

Habiba's consummate artistry as a performer and outstanding creativity as a choreographer are matched in this DVD by her skill as a teacher. Her talent as a teacher lies in her ability to present each series of steps in a clear, complete and concise manner that is comfortable for both the most advanced dancer as well as the less experienced student.

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